Kuwait Society for the Advancement of Arab Children (KSAAC)

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The Kuwait Society for the Advancement of Arab Children has been registered as a non-profit organization since 1980 with the aims of advancement of specialized knowledge in the development of young children and to education in the Arab world. The Society is also dedicated to the development of new pedagogical research regarding this stage of the child's development, adding to analytical, diagnostic and technical tools and through its efforts to bring to light facets of contemporary Arab education, which have so far been overlooked by the government and educational organizations. Twenty Founders Established KSAAC in December 1980; following are the names of the Board of Directors:

Dr. Hassan A. Al-Ebraheem                     Chairman

Dr. A. M. AbdulRazzak                             Deputy Chairman

Dr. Adnan Shehab El-Din                          Secretary

Mr. Jassim M. Al-Bahar                           Treasurer

Mr. Abdul Latif Al-Hamad                        Member

Mr. Qutaiba Al_Ghanim                            Member

Mr. Anwar Al-Nouri                                   Member


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